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Sheriff Hooper was appointed by the Nueces County Commissioners Court on November 1st, 2018, becoming the top law enforcement officer in Nueces County. In November of 2020 the people of the community elected him to become their Sheriff for the next term. Prior to being Sheriff, he dedicated 35 years to the citizens of Corpus Christi serving with the Corpus Christi Police Department in many capacities. He was known as the Island Cop during his many years of patrol service on Padre Island. Prior to that long time service, he was a correctional officer for the Nueces County Sheriff’s Office, also working as a patrol officer for the City of Port Aransas Police Department.

During his tenure as Sheriff, Hooper has championed a number of programs and initiatives intended to improve the safety and quality of life for the citizens of Nueces County. He takes a hands-on approach to the County’s recruitment efforts, working side by side with the HR department and a handpicked third-party recruiting company to greatly decrease the number of vacancies within the agency. He also has tackled issues such as jail overcrowding, mental health treatment, and discharge planning for inmates.

Sheriff Hooper maintains an unblemished record for enforcing the law in an impartial and fair manner, ensuring everyone is treated with compassion and dignity. Sheriff Hooper works diligently to ensure the safety, security, and State Jail Commission compliance of the Nueces County Jail, which routinely operates at a maximum capacity.


of Nueces County Sheriff

As Nueces County Sheriff, Hooper’s office is responsible for the 911 emergency and routine patrol service for the entire county. The Sheriff also oversees the operation and management of the Nueces County Jail and courthouse security and safety. Responsibly also includes forging collaborative and working relationships with the Department of Homeland Security, The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Drug Enforcement Administration. Hooper has done this succesfully since 2018 and wants to build upon the strong leadership he’s brought to the office.


Passionate about the causes and solutions of county jail overcrowding compliance and continuing to keep Nueces County a top county in Texas, Sheriff Hooper has enlisted a correctional consulting company to observe and assess the current state of the Nueces County Jail facilities and create a jail needs assessment report to keep Nueces County safe for the next 20 years. Sheriff Hooper, with Nueces County MHID, is also focused on the expansion of jail diversion programs that emphasize mental health treatment for eligible inmates in the Nueces County Jail.


  • Nueces County Sheriff since 11/01/2018

  • TCOLE Master Peace Officer Since 2000

  • CCPD Supervisor of the Serial Offenders Unit

  • CCPD Patrol Supervisor

  • CCPD Public Information Officer

  • CCPD Crisis Intervention Officer

  • CCPD Field Training Officer

  • CCPD Crime Prevention Officer

  • CCPD Academy Defensive Tactics  and Fitness Instructor

  • CCPD Bicycle Patrol Officer and Instructor

  • CCPD SWAT Officer 

  • CCPD SWAT Training Officer

  • DPS Firearms Instructor Certification

  • CCPD Police Recruiter

  • CCPD Police Applicant Background Investigator

  • Police Emergency Driving Instructor

  • Red Cross Water Safety Instructor

  • DPS Criminal Investigations Certification


Sheriff J C Hooper is a lifelong resident of Nueces County. He graduated from King High School, Del Mar College, and Texas A&M Corpus Christi. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice. He is the son of Delbert and Hedy Hooper and he is married to Cheryl Hooper. They have two children attending college.

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