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Sheriff Hooper is an experienced law and order sheriff who respects the rule of law and due process and demonstrates loyalty to the oath of office and fidelity to the United States Constitution. 

Sheriff Hooper is an experienced law and order sheriff who respects the rule of law and due process and demonstrates loyalty to the oath of office and fidelity to the United States Constitution. 

Continuous 41-year commitment of employment to the vocation of public service in Law Enforcement serving Nueces County. 

  • Dedicated to ensuring the safety and security of all citizens of Nueces County, the Nueces County Jail, and the Nueces County Courthouse. 

  • Created and oversees the implementation of the enhanced Courthouse Security Initiative for the safety of all citizens and visitors of Nueces County. 

  • Recognized by the League of United Latin American Citizens as an outstanding community leader in 2023.

  • Recognized by Goodwill Industries as a Community Partner of the year.

  • Recognized by the Office of the Secretary of Defense as a Patriotic Employer.

  • Recognized by Youth Odyssey Inc. as a supporter of their outdoor adventure programs.

Sheriff Hooper has established and improved successful collaboration with regional, state, and federal law enforcement partners. 

  • Enhanced collaboration with U. S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to combat Transnational crime through Nueces County such as human trafficking.

  • Helped distribute Narcan to local homeless shelters, schools, and substance abuse shelters. 

  • We continuously reach out to other law enforcement agencies in this region and keep them aware of training that we present or host. We have trained numerous jail correctional officers for surrounding agencies at no cost to those agencies.

  • The Nueces County Sheriff's Office has connected with all 13 School Districts in our county. We participated with school safety advisory committees, planning, training and active drills for the faculty and students.

  • We have engaged in numerous multi-jurisdictional warrant roundups and tactical operations, most notable is the annual Operation Triple Beam that is hosted by the United States Marshal Service.

Sheriff Hooper shows absolute respect, admiration, and support for the women and men of the Nueces County Sheriff’s Office by: 

  • Committing to the progress of increased wages and benefits for its employees

  • Acquiring and providing all equipment necessary for the safety of all patrol and correctional officers

  • Increasing the staffing of the Nueces County Sheriff’s Office by seeking support and funding from the Nueces County Commissioner and grant requests, and a third-party recruiting company.

  • Creating advancement opportunities for all employees of the Nueces County Sheriff’s Office.

  • Updating employee areas within the jail.

  • Having an open-door policy and implementing an anonymous suggestion box available to employees.

Sheriff Hooper is invested in modernizing and motivating the Patrol Division of the Nueces County Sheriff’s Office. 

  • Purchased and equipped all Patrol vehicles with moving radar units at no expense to the County using funds from the Federal Asset Forfeiture Fund.

  • Purchased and installed four License Plate Readers in four out of five Stone Garden patrol units to work on the Human Trafficking corridor at no expense to the County using Federal Grant fund.

  • Requested and received authorization by the Court to purchase 160 new S&W, M&P 2.0 9mm automatic pistols to replace older Sig Sauer 357 pistol for officer safety and operational cost savings at no expense to the County using Federal Asset Forfeiture Fund

  • Provided additional training opportunities for all officers.

  • Implemented new body cam technology.

  • Upgraded and modernized the deputy tasers.

  • Implemented the Blue Team reporting system to better manage officer paperwork.

Sheriff Hooper enhanced and continually upgrades the Nueces County Jail Facility and Operations. 

  • Added 4 additional Nueces County Jail Intake and Release Supervisors 

  • Erected a 12’ fence in the sally-port driveway of the Jail to be used as an inmate staging area in the event of an emergency evacuation at no expense to the County. 

  • Upgraded the main server and security cameras within the Jail. 

  • Replaced two commercial grade washers and dryers at no expense to the County. 

  • Aggressively negotiated the most qualified and fiscally responsible Food and Medical contracts for our inmates in the Nueces County Jail. 

  • Adapted and improved the technology to keep the criminal justice system moving forward by implementing zoom and court call during the COVID 19 outbreak.

  • Rolled out the first ever Nueces County Sheriff smartphone app. This Sheriff App has created immediate access for the public needing inmate information. The app also serves to quickly share important public safety information with subscribers. To date, the Nueces County Sheriff’s Office app has 50,000 downloads and this last month alone had over 1 million engagements.

  • Implemented the use of mail scanners in order to avoid narcotics entering the facility through the mail.

  • Introduced the use of inmate tablets, at no cost to the county. These tablets have not only had a positive impact on the inmates, but also the work environment of the officers as well.

  • Most recently, body scanners were installed at both jails. Due to the intrusive nature of a cavity search, narcotics and other contraband have occasionally made it through security undetected. With these body scanners, narcotics and contraband can be detected without having to personally search the inmates.

Sheriff Hooper created and advanced collaborative efforts with social services agencies, ministries, and volunteer groups to maximize educational and self-improvement opportunities for our inmates. 

  • Supported a community partnership with Goodwill Industries that helps inmates find employment opportunities, fill out job applications and learn computer skills. 

  • Supported faith-based opportunities to minister to the inmates. 

  • In collaboration with Del Mar college, skills courses such as woodworking, vehicle maintenance, and concrete work are available to eligible inmates.

  • With the help of the Nueces Center for Mental Health and Intellectual Disabilities and our discharge coordinator, inmates can request a valid ID, find resources for job once released, and set up a health care plan to continue any needed treatments once released.

Sheriff Hooper advanced and supports efforts to reduce recidivism in our juvenile offenders by collaborating with local and national social service agencies, faith-based ministries, and volunteer groups. 

  • Collaborated on the local creation and implementation of Courts in Schools that presents real life felony sentencing to audience of CCISD high school students. 

  • Expanded support for the Nueces County Juvenile Justice Volunteers who work to reduce the number of youth re-entering the Juvenile Justice System and enrich the lives of youth incarcerated or on probation. 

  • Participated in the implementation of Juvenile Justice Center tattoo removal program. 

  • Supports the local Youth Odyssey program helping at risk youth achieve opportunities to participate in positive youth development through life skills and adventure programing. 

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