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I consider my platform a true working philosophy based on my oath of office. 

In my 38 years of public service in law enforcement, I have never asked an offender, victim, or witness if they were registered as members of the Democratic or Republican party. I have never, and would never, alter my service to them because of skin color, gender or any other personal attribute. My goal and priority will always be to enforce the law impartially and in a compassionate and professional manner. 

If you look at the Oath of Office, carrying out the vocation of an elected official, especially an elected law enforcement official, is really rather simple. Preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States and enforce ALL the laws of the United States and the State of Texas in an impartial manner. 

I swore to exact the same Oath of Office in  1983. For the past 38 years, I have proudly honored that Oath, honored my faith, and honored my family in my daily service to this community. You can count on me to continue that service with the same fidelity. 

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